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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you manufacture ramps (loading systems) except of the dimensions and capacities that are determined in the products catalog ?

Do you have CE Certificate?

How long is the delivery time of your products?

What types of ramps are in your products?


Do you have a technical service?

Do you have after sales support service?

What does Saurus mean?

Can you do any other production except of ramp?

In which sectors are ramps used?

What are the differences between ramp and industrial loading systems?

The ramp is shipped by whom? Seller or buyer.

Are there any standards of ramp ? If so, what are these

Are you analyzing your ramp designs?

Are your designs made engineered? Do you have R & D units?

What kind of measures are taken in your manufacturing for occupational health and safety?

Do you have user’s guide and service manual ?

Are there periodic maintenance requirements for ramps?

What is the difference between the telescopic ramp and the hinged ramp?

Should I choose the mobile loading ramp or embedded ramp?

Are there any obligation to buy spare parts for the ramp we bought?

Is the remote control system used on the ramp control panel?

How do you determine the measurements of the ramps?

Can we get support from you as a solution partner?

Do you sell second-hand ramps?

Do you rent a ramp?

What are the advantages of using a ramp?

Which type of ramp should I use?

How do I know how many tons of ramps the ramp I need?

Can you production for our special needs?

Are there any ramp parts that are not covered by the warranty?

Can we perform ramp maintenance ourselves?

Do you export registered sales?

What is the lifetime of a ramp?

Should I use a hinged or telescopic ramp?

What should be the inclination angle of ramps?

Does the truck slide over the ramp?

Is the hydraulic unit electric or manual?

Are ramps affected by external weather conditions?